On a Halloween night, blood is what people celebrate, laugh at and are not afraid to talk about.
Limited Halloween editions of pads, themed after horror movies, famous for their blood scenes.
We use Halloween to get people talk about menstrual blood just as any other blood that is widely celebrated on this night.
The exclusive packs are designed to raise awareness via social media, thus creating the right PR buzz: #classichorror is used to remind everyone that menstrual blood is ok and not scary.
Thanks to Halloween being the “bloodiest day” of the year, we change the tabooed topic into a blood celebration one.

Ирина Серебрякова
Клиент: Kotex
Надежда Черкасова, Арт-директор
Абышкина Юлия , Копирайтер
Любовь Самсонова, Арт-директор

Участник является студентом профильного учебного заведения.